The tall cypresses in the photos below provide good views out to long distances over the surrounding trees. This movie shows the observation position in Tree 6, where the 2008 video was obtained. This movie shows what the view is like above the trees around Tree 11. This movie shows several birds flying above the treetops in the distance. It’s exciting to see birds fly past at shorter ranges, such as these ibises and this wood stork. A curious bird might come right over and check you out. This movie explains the use of the climbing gear in the first photo below. The climbing harness (on the left) has two ascenders that only slide in one direction along the rope. The work is done with the legs using the foot straps that are attached to the lower ascender (blue). The climbing rope (center) is pulled into position using the rigging line (not shown), which is left in place when the tree is not in use. When the rope is pulled upward, the rigging line is fed into the cube (on the right) to prevent tangling. After getting to the top, the climber may use the grillon (red object to the right) to attach to the tree.