Video Footage

Part 1 (2:01) Introduction to a series of movies that were obtained during a sea trip off the coast of Norway during the winter of 2014.

Part 2 (0:27) Razorbills that surfaced near the ship. One of them had a bit of a problem getting airborne. The movie plays at half speed.

Part 3 (0:50) Puffin that surfaced near the ship. The movie plays at half speed.

Part 4 (13:17) Departed Ålesund during the morning of February 18. Footage from the dock and on the way out. Scenery of the coast and sea birds.

Part 5 (14:23) Off the coast from Ålesund. Birds attracted to a spotlight at night and flying near the end of a rainbow during the day.

Part 6 (10:13) Arrival off the coast of Lofoten on February 23 after a transit north from the Ålesund area.

Part 7 (12:57) High waves during the morning of February 24 after a storm that peaked during the night at Sea State 7 (25 ft. waves were observed from the bridge).

Part 8 (6:43) The remarkable flights of Northern Fulmars after the storm.

Part 9 (13:12) Nice views of Northern Fulmars, Black-legged Kittiwakes, and Glaucous Gulls flying past the ship’s exhaust vent in the Lofoten area.

Part 10 (14:55) The morning of February 26 above the northernmost tip of Norway at 71.25° N, 27.58° E. Scenery in the early morning and alcids in flight. The birds are far from the ship, but Atlantic Puffins and Razorbills are identifiable in some cases in the original high-definition source footage.

Part 11 (10:20) Additional footage from the morning of February 26. Begins with a pod of White-beaked Dolphins. Then comes footage of a gull that appears to be all white. The tern-like flaps are consistent with Ivory Gull but don’t seem to be consistent with any of the common gulls in the area.

Part 12 (14:27) Northern tip of Norway on the morning of February 28. Nice views of dark morph Northern Fulmars, coastal scenery, and alcids.

Part 13 (9:57) Footage from March 2 of a White-tailed Sea Eagle in the mouth a fjord at 71.01° N, 26.44° E.

Part 14 (13:10) Footage from March 3 of lots of alcids as we exited the mouth of the fjord.

Part 15 (11:26) Footage from March 8 of lots of alcids as we sailed north along the coast to Tromsø.

Part 16 (10:58) A continuation of the previous movie. Footage from close range of a puffin starting at 7:52.

Part 17 (6:45) Whale spouts and alcids.

Part 18 (0:53) Possible Ivory Gull at full speed.

Part 19 (1:46) Possible Ivory Gull at half speed.


The Knorr.

Ålesund from up the hill.

Sunrise on the way out of Ålesund.

Killer Whales.

Light morph Northern Fulmar.

Black-legged Kittiwake.

Northern Gannet.

Great Black-backed Gull.


Before this bird submerged, it appeared to be a Murre.

Shortly after crossing the Arctic Circle.

Glaucous Gull.

Black-legged Kittiwake in first-winter plumage.

Adult and immature Glaucous Gulls.

Light morph Northern Fulmar.

Black-legged Kittiwake in breeding plumage.

White-beaked Dolphin.

Dark morph Northern Fulmar.

Alcids in flight.

White-tailed Sea Eagle.

Common Eider (left) and King Eider (right).

Atlantic Puffin.

Along the fjord into Tromsø.

Arctic Cathedral is to the right.