The entrance to Manu Park is about 100 km from Cuzco at an elevation of about 4000 m. The beautiful Manu Road descends into Manu Park for 100 km and ends at the small village of Atalaya, which is located on the Rio Madre de Dios. The following photos were taken along Manu Road. I went on this trip in June-July 2003 with Tanager Tours. A detailed report of the birds seen is given here.

The first part of Manu road at high elevation

A mountain stream

At a lower elevation below Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge

Golden-headed Quetzal

Golden-collared Tanagers

Rio Madre de Dios near Atalaya

A butterfly on Manu road with a perfect "89" mark

A butterfly at Amazonia Lodge across the river from Atalaya

Pantiacolla Lodge is located about 3 hours down the river from Atalaya by boat. The following photos were taken along the river and near Pantiacolla Lodge.

Lowland jungle

The jungle canopy

Jaguar footprint on the beach near Pantiacolla Lodge

Skull of a White-lipped Pecary

The White-lipped Pecary roams in herds that may consist of 100 or more animals. They make a lot of noise snapping their jaws shut, grunting, and foraging in the jungle. Large herds can be dangerous. I encountered a herd of about 80 of them at Pantiacolla. The following photo is of the ruins at Machu Picchu, which I visited on my final day of the trip.

Machu Picchu

While waiting for the train back to Cuzco late that afternoon, I saw an Andean Condor soaring above the mountain. The final photo is of the Andes, which I took on the flight from Cuzco to Lima.

The Andes