Big Bend National Park is located in southwestern Texas along the Rio Grande. It contains hundreds of square miles of beautiful desert and mountain scenery and is one of the best bird-watching locales in the U.S. The following photos were taken at Big Bend in Nov. 2003. Many of the photos were taken during a hike through the Chisos Mountains, which is the only location in the U.S. where the Colima Warbler breeds.

Pecos River east of Big Bend

U.S. 90 Bridge over the Pecos River

Red-Tailed Hawk photographed from the Pecos River Bridge

Mexican Jay

Rock formation near Boot Spring in the Chisos Mountains

Small cactus

View through "The Window" in the Chisos Mountains

White-winged Dove

Roadrunner at Rio Grande Village

Great Horned Owl just before sunset



Black-throated Sparrow

Rio Grande flowing through Santa Elena Canyon